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Layout 93 Tropica

The light distribution is extremely centred in this oblong aquarium, which results in quite shady corners.

Alternanthera ’Mini’ is placed in the middle, in order to achieve optimal colour under the best ligh...

25 Litre
Layout 92 Tropica

A small and well-functioning aquarium!

This aquarium does not have an awful lot of light, but the quadratic layout ensures uniform light distribution. A diagonal mangrove root creates coherence, depth and fine growing c...

15 Litre
Layout 91 Tropica

For most people, the interest for aquariums as a hobby begins with a starter set. Unfortunately, it often ends here, if the set doesn’t work properly!

The amount of light of 0.2 Watt/Litre limits the selection of...

96 Litre
Layout 90 Tropica

The starter set is often used for getting acquainted with aquariums as a hobby. Thus, it must be a success.

The amount of light of 0.3 Watt/Litre water is not much in terms of plant requirements, but several pl...

54 Litre